Medal Status Survey & Community Profile Page Template

Medal Status Survey

The medal status survey contains questions to assess your municipality’s/county’s current activities within each of the five LMCTC goals. Survey responses are used to award bronze, silver and gold medals as you make progress on the five LMCTC goals. You must submit your initial survey assessment as a first step after signing up for LMCTC to assess your starting point. When you make additional progress on the five goals, simply return to the same survey link and update your information to inform NLC of the progress you’ve made.

Download a fillable Word document version of the survey. You can submit the Word version to

If you have questions while completing this survey, please email

Community Profile Page

Your city/town/county’s community profile page is accessible from the Directory of LMCTC sites. Your profile page is a place for you to publicly share the work you are doing and for others to learn from their peers about the various activities they are engaged in. To collect your stories prior to submission we have developed a template for your use. You will still need to login to your community profile page to enter and submit your information.

Download a Word document profile page template.

If you have questions while working on your community profile, please email