Take Action

Now that you have signed up and indicated your willingness to commit to the five goals of Let’s Move! Cities, Towns and Counties (LMCTC), the National League of Cities (NLC) is ready to help you TAKE ACTION and receive recognition for your achievements.

New Resource Available! As a first step, we encourage you to consult the Let’s Move! Cities, Towns and Counties Guide as an orientation and resource for this initiative: Download the LMCTC Guide.

Follow these steps to take action:

  1. Assess Progress: After you have signed up for LMCTC, your first step is to fill out and submit your medal status survey. Submitting this survey will give you a sense of your starting point on the five LMCTC goals and will help you identify next steps for action and areas where technical assistance might be needed.
  2. “How do I access the medal status survey?” –Your municipality’s/county’s unique survey link was provided in your confirmation and welcome emails. Please email lmctc@nlc.org if you need the link resent.

  3. Celebrate Success: Based on your survey responses, NLC awards bronze, silver and gold medals by email at the end of each month. Most LMCTC sites find they already qualify for medals from their initial medal status survey. We encourage you to celebrate and share your success with your constituents.
  4. You can also share more about your work, including photos, on your community profile page. Find your page from our Directory of LMCTC Sites.

  5. Set Priorities and Design Action Plan: Keep up the momentum! From your initial survey assessment, identify and create a plan for achieving the five LMCTC goals. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) staff are available to help you set priorities and timelines for action—view staff contact information.
  6. Consult Benchmarks, Steps to Success and Technical Support: Consult the goal benchmarks, take advantage of our collection of resources, including recorded webinars.
  7. Take Action: Using resources, staff support and technical assistance opportunities, take action by carrying out identified activities to reach benchmarks.

Once you have made additional progress, update your medal status survey. When you make progress on the five goals, simply return to your survey link and update your information to inform NLC of the progress you have made. NLC uses information submitted through your survey to determine what medals should be awarded to you. The 25th of each month is the deadline for survey updates in order to be eligible for medals that month.

For an overview of the bronze, silver and gold benchmarks of each LMCTC goal, click here.