Process for Earning a Medal

Go for Gold

Let’s Move! Cities, Towns and Counties (LMCTC) focuses on five key goals to sustain local efforts aimed at preventing childhood obesity. Developed with the role of local elected officials in mind, these goals are designed to promote sustainable strategies to improve the health of local elected officials’ constituents.

In addition, active participation in LMCTC and adoption of the five LMCTC goals will highlight local action; enable city, town and county leaders to track their progress and that of their peers in communities across the nation; and accelerate momentum in promoting concrete, sustainable strategies for healthy eating and active living in communities.

The Medal Awarding Process

Each LMCTC goal has associated bronze, silver and gold benchmarks. Based on medal status survey updates received from LMCTC sites, NLC awards medals monthly to sites that have reached benchmarks in the five LMCTC goals. Each LMCTC site has the opportunity to earn five gold medals!

The 25th of each month is the deadline for survey updates in order to be eligible for medals that month. NLC sends medal awards by email to the local elected official and designated point(s) of contact by the 30th of each month.

To view the medals a participating city, town or county has achieved, visit their profile page from the Directory of LMCTC Sites. If you are an LMCTC site and have questions about the medal awarding process or adding content to your community profile page, email